The Unflappable Captain Mwai

All 2x3 panel layouts 2: The Cull

So I decided to have a half-honest go at culling the 74 panels from the 2x3 grid down to

Step 1: throw out all those “boomerang” panels because it’s relatively unlikely that they’ll work at all. POSSIBLE, but probably awkward unless you’re pretty clever.

Step 2: throw out the pages that only make sense if you’re looking at “aside” panels. I can see a number of reasons these might work nicely in the right case, buuuuut, in a 2x3 grid they’ll be kind of big and awkward aside panels.

Step 3: in the least objective of all the culling steps, I’ve thrown out all the layouts which are potentially confusing for left-to-right reading. A LOT of artists use exactly these layouts on a regular basis, BUT, if you’re ME, you get irritated by having to design the flow of artwork to guide readers to the correct next panel.

This drops the total layout count to 18, which is small enough that a set of all 18 wouldn’t be a totally daunting challenge just to have some ready-made panels. As before, note that the design choices are arbitrary in a lot of ways, and they limit what you can do next, but enforcing rules like this also makes it easier and faster to make choices: this is arguably the core point of this awesome post that is awesome.


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