The Unflappable Captain Mwai

And so like clearly I’m way too out of practice to actually DRAW anything AS YOU HAVE NOW SEEN, DEAR READERS, AS YOU HAVE NOW SEEN, so like, let’s just stick with text for a bit longer. DRAGONS.

It occurs that part of what makes dragons cool is that they are huge. Hugeness and dragons are not exactly inseparable, but they do go together quite well and shouldn’t be kept apart without good reason. So dragons, now in huge and people sized. Both intelligent, but different kinds of worldviews that come from for example being too huge for people to convince you need clothes or from being legit the right size to be roommates with catfolk or humans or pandas. Why are there pandas? BECAUSE PANDAS. Makes at least as much sense as catfolk. Okay exactly the same amount which is none but THAT DOES NOT MATTER. SENSE COMES LATER.

So huge dragons can’t really live in cities without major construction projects so maybe they live in the wilds. So apparently there are wilds. Wilds and cities. Because of the dragons, you see. Conservation efforts are easy when the consequences of slash and burn farming are that you are crunchy and good with ketchup. Dragons like, totes rule over protectorates and it’s just like a national park except DRAGONS. I mean like, you want to go to a national park that’s got dragon rangers, right? OF COURSE YOU DO.

And now we get all kinds of weird implications of there being a parks and rec service that could, if they really decided they had to, go Godzilla on your ass. Huh. Lots of the above is dependent on the degree of hugeness. And ya gotta figure normal-sized folk have got at least like TNT by now so that’s an issue. Gets into worldbuilding history-type stuff. For now we just put up placeholder that says “sometimes tense but generally amicable relationship” with a couple of “except for ~the war~”s thrown around. Yeah.

(Because I kept going on about it in text posts.)
(Also, I obviously need to level like four times before actually doing a comic about this because gawd.)



Okay, so obviously Science Magical Catboy is a character. Hahaha oh god he’s a walking trope soup and I love him. Well, he doesn’t so much walk as mince, but y’know. Well I guess he flounces too. (Look you all knew I was a filthy pervert already.)

And while there are definitely advantages to…

Is the Cat-Scientist gonna have a Straight Man as his assistant? (in all senses of the word “straight”)

Possibly! Although I think it would be fun if despite being super-straight-laced said assistant gave exactly zero fucks about the airs SMC puts on. Or even seemed to approve of it in a you have your self-expression and I have mine and mine is SUITS kind of way.

Okay, so obviously Science Magical Catboy is a character. Hahaha oh god he’s a walking trope soup and I love him. Well, he doesn’t so much walk as mince, but y’know. Well I guess he flounces too. (Look you all knew I was a filthy pervert already.)

And while there are definitely advantages to giving him a Tech Person in the background, I’m a go ahead and make him a Mad, so it’s basically the Yin version of Iron Man but with the magic system I’m sorta working on.

Meanwhile, I dig me some Dark Magical Girl tropes so let’s attach his foil character right there. DMG is totally a dragon. Let’s invert the trope of DMGs dressing more provocatively than the MG because that’d be hilarious. Bonus points if she has to just stop at some point and be like “No WAY are you the good guy dressed like that.”

It’s probably implied by now that SMC dresses kinda, um, like… yeah. Also I just came up with Science Magical Catboy vs Dragon Magical Girl and what the hell is wrong with me.


Cecil’s birthmarks changes shape and movement with his emotions - they flare up when he’s flustered or angry, hide under clothing when he’s scared or embarrassed, move rapidly when he’s excited, softer shapes for good feelings and rougher shapes for bad ones etc.

He’s kinda self-conscious about them since it’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve, but Carlos thinks they’re pretty (and also scientifically fascinating).

Adding to list of indulgences: cute bed scenes. With dragons obvs.

Okay so let’s pull out the list and start drawing diagonals. What I figure I’ll do is take all these indulgent concepts and start fusing them until the ideas make me want to do that thing where you hold the monitor to your face and say “Yes, Perfect”.

Catgirls and Catboys: So now we just got one concept, Catfolk. That part was easy.
DRAGONS. Also easy. Make them human sized for better interaction and shipping.


Do we need other races? Well probably otherwise I just invented this:
But y’know why not have more of that kind of thing. Maybe humans? I want to actually just have a diverse cast and you can’t *actually* do that with furries. Pandarens tho. Maybe there will be hot pandas because hot pandas.

Mad Science + Magic = fffFFFFF—wait, no this can work. Actually add in Martial Arts and you got… Urban Fantasy? Needs something to make it “pop” tho. Howsabout you gotta do martial arts and SCIENCE to get magic somehow. No, not REAL science, a pastiche of Hollywood Science. Oo, oo, and occasional head-spinny technobabble that is ALSO weirdly accurate but ALSO calls up lots of questions and has easter eggs for the eggheads in the audience AKA ME.

Thusly: “Chi flow is totally a thing. There are four adjacent branes to ours that resonate when you pull on them. And yeah you could write down a formula as long as your arm that tells you how fast you gotta move to make lightning but by the time you’re done calculating the schmuck on the other side of the mat will have used his biofeedback to resonate right in on the frequency. But it helps if you wear this helmet with flashers.”

Magical Girl Anime Tropes, gimmie. Plug them into mad science. Looks kinda like Narbonic but with frillier outfits. You get: Catboy in a tutu and sci-fi headgear waxing poetic about binaural tone generators and shooting lightning from his hands. Yes. Perfect.


god bless sdcc




One of the implications of my list incidentally is that since dragons and catboys are on it, the thought of a dragon with a hoard of catboys.

I figure she wouldn’t like, keep them in a big pile all the time, they’d like have chores and go into town for tea and stuff. I mean, sure they’d be in a big pile for naps, but those are only, like, 14 hours a day tops.



This post is flawless.